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About Full Speed a Hedge® 'American Pillar'

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The super-fast, skinny evergreen

Selected for its super-fast growth and tall, narrow habit, this arborvitae sets the new standard for hedges. This very hardy and heat tolerant North American native maintains a desirable columnar shape without pruning, so you can quickly block ugly views without a lot of work.

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USDA Zones 3-8
(hardy to -40° F/C)

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At least four hours of sun each day

Thuja occidentalis ‘American Pillar’ pp#20209

Simple Success

  • Keep the soil weed free and moist (not wet)
  • Add 2” of mulch
  • Apply an all-purpose fertilizer at planting and each spring
  • ‘American Pillar’ is more deer resistant than other arborvitae, but should be protected with netting or a repellent for at least its first year if deer browsing is a problem in your area.